Sabtu, 27 April 2019

wandbilder leinwand wohnzimmer

wandbilder leinwand wohnzimmer

my video shows general properties of car wrap material used as projection screen compared with standard white screen, cinegrey 5d and gerriets silverblack alr sample 1: dark matte metallic silver grey car wrap sample 2: bright matte metallic silver car wrap sample 3: gerriets silverblack alr video can not substitute live appearance/view part 1: comparison with daylight pictures with lot of black and white pay attention also on in screen contrast effects during watching the following pictures

be aware of the hot spot effects, cause by high gain and low projection ratio sorry, made a mistake: projection ratio is only 1.6, not 1.8. max contrast comparison viewing angle effects sparkling effect caused by size and quantity of reflection particles only some nice pictures until night comes part 2: comparison in dark room at night check marked details on dark and bright car wrap screen the white screen is scattering light in all directions. so room gets brighter and is reflecting light back to the screen. leads to reduction of contrast (dependig on room properties)

but globally spoken the contrast improvent of alr screens is lower as darker the room is. car wrap screen general properties: cheap, easy available, easy to check with large samples, good/very good alr performance, critical: sparkling effect, hot spot (projection ratio), viewing angle dependency, big plate required (handling) check it, test it at home with cheap large car wrap samples car wrap sample 1 (dark sample): m21 matte silver, 3m --- car wrap sample 2 (bright sample): cheap car wrap (not labeled)

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