Kamis, 25 April 2019

wohnzimmer ideen graues sofa

wohnzimmer ideen graues sofa

interior design studio of yulia sheveleva presents you a design project of an apartment of 100 square meters in the city of yekaterinburg. the project was named "french salon". this apartment is for a couple with a small child. work on the project began with the elaboration of an option for redeveloping the apartment. starting the exact formation of the interior became the favorite paintings of the owners, which had to be beautifully inscribed in the interior. most items for this interior are made specifically for this project, for example, a storage system for the hallway. the living room is a salon for the reception of guests.

here you can comfortably settle on the couch and listen to how the hostess plays the piano. the kitchen is arranged in a niche, so it is very organically poured into the surrounding space. on the floor there is a wooden parquet floor, laid with a fir tree. the walls are decorated with fabric panels from a gentle alcantara. behind one of them is the entrance to the economic block. the central place in the living room is occupied by a hand-made chandelier of the portuguese factory serip. the bathrooms are made using the tiles of the russian factory italon. the bathroom was a wish to make in a warm palette with golden accents. the shower is more strict, in a gray-silvery range, but copper is a perfect addition to it.

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