Rabu, 01 Mei 2019

schrank landhausstil wohnzimmer

schrank landhausstil wohnzimmer

[music] hi, i am liz from the blog "you and i heart diy!" today i would like to show you how to transform your furniture into the perfect eyecatcher using marabu chalky-chic and the sanding technique. therefore i use an old wooden box and apply the chalk paint "edelweiss". to create the vintage look you need: marabu synthetic brush, sand paper, marabu chalk paint and optionally a marabu protective wax. tip: you can also apply the paint on glass or metal. remove dust and grease from the surface and of the object you want to cover with marabu chalky-chic. apply the paint on the object you have choosen.

the particular of marabuâ´s chalk paint is the matt finish that is velvety smooth. it is also weatherproof. leave it to dry for 30 minutes or dry with a hair dryer. start to sand the desired surfaces, corners and edges. tip: to take an example - real old furniture is well suited to get the right "used look". to create better effects, you can apply a second paint before sanding (especially if you work on plastic surfaces). before applying the second paint, use chalky-chic protective wax. leave it to dry for 30 minutes or dry with a hair dryer for 15 minutes. here, i'm using the paint "ginger".

tip: to create contrasts, choose two paints with a strong colour difference. textured glass can also be transformed into exciting decorative accessories. in this case i use the paint "mistletoe". thank you for watching! hope you enjoyed it. share your creation with us using #chalkychic #marabu

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