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sekretär für wohnzimmer

sekretär für wohnzimmer

the knoblauchhaus is one of the few remaining town houses of berlin it dates from the 18th century and is located in the nikolai quarter in the historical center of berlin the house was inhabited and used 170 years by a merchant family it was the knoblauch family, a silk ribbon merchant family the knoblauchhaus is a place of living history numerous famous berliners were guests in the knoblauchhaus this included the royal building commissioner karl friedrich schinkel but also the sculptors dieck and rauch

or wilhelm von humboldt here you can walk in the footsteps of the knoblauch family you can enter a furnished home you get from the entrance to the living room, â from there into the library and into a writing room on the second floor the knoblauchhaus belongs to the berlin city museum foundation (stiftung stadtmuseum berlin) and is open daily except mondays we are looking forward to welcome you in the knoblauchhaus.

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